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the chicken coop monster

April 24th, 2009

the chicken coop monster

Are you the type treat a pet owner or you have more junk in the table provide brand of love? This is the time when this question is the most important. Guests visiting and feeding our pets plenty of table embassies. In fact, most of us secretly a morsel or two for our pets during meals, and although there is nothing really wrong with this as we want from the wrong kind of conservative trends.

For example, if you reward begging with table embassies expect that the same desire Eyes night after night, from now on. It is very difficult to untrain "" expects pet treat such a man. And who can really blame them? Do you want a Dog that sings "No Food Blues" at his feet and a cat who used the meal table as a trampoline every night? Here are a few more reasons why You just want to give table scrap reconsidered:

Table messages is the gateway to weight problems. Our pets often end up with the fat from our plates, we do not want.

Scraps do not necessarily offer the same level of quality of food that provide treatment. A large part of Messages Table are in fact empty calories.

Tables messages are a major cause of indigestion. The richness and / or fatty food we eat can sometimes Damage your pet's digestive tract.

Mary Shelley created a monster that you create may be a thief. If a pet food is used to get from the table, do not be surprised if you do or eat the remains of Turkey, the catch to the left on the kitchen table. A head is not in the garbage, is not so unusual.

You can also use a picky eater. If you get your pet used to enter the human food is, he or they do not even eat their own food.

But have to give if your pet table messages

try to remember that as a treated and not the main dish will be used.
The best bits are probably: meat (without bones), cooked or raw vegetables, cooked grains, Eggs and brown rice. Let us not forget dairy products. You know that cats especially adore milk. Fortunately, lactose intolerance is usually not pets.

But try to avoid these particular those of: chocolate, fatty meats, stuffing with raisins, raw eggs in baking (cats really like them), cooked and raw Bones (too dangerous).

This article originally appeared in the December 2005 issue of Healthy Pet Net Newsletter.

Ryan Joseph is a writer/researcher of pet and other issues. More info. and healthy, holistic pet products such as Life’s Abundance Food and Treats can be found at http://www.dog-food-nutrition.com and http://premium-cat-products.com/

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