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chicken coop bar and grill

December 23rd, 2010

A single tap singer canary will spend most of his life in a cage, because they usually do not get tame enough to fly around a room. Single canaries can live 8-10 years. so make sure that the cage design and quality right from the start. This article addresses the key requirements companions for housing your canary.

Size of the cage

This is a crucial requirement, because canaries are active and be agile and your birds cage must be large enough to fly to the canary. Width of the cage is especially important as canaries flit back and forth and tilt not up and down as opposed to a budgie. A rectangular cage with the minimum dimensions for a canary would be a width of 24 inches (60 cm), in height and depth of 18 inches (45 cm) and with 2 perches at each end of the cage to give your canary to exercise properly. The best cross-section for a wooden perch is oval, holding the Canary's feet healthy and easily helps.

Shape of cage

A rectangular cage is better than the perhaps more attractive dome-round cage because he did not "frustrate" the canary. Housed in a round cage, a canary circuit Cage "thinking" is somewhere at the beginning because there are few, if any reference points. A rectangular cage has four corners as reference points that the bird orientation and stop any tendency for the birds circling stressful quality of life improved.

Building materials

Metal with a coat of nontoxic paint a easy to clean and durable material for a canary cage. Make sure the bars are at the right distance to keep canaries from an injury itself: the bar spacing should be half an inch (12 mm). You can also buy a cage with bars of steel that will last many years, but more expensive. The bottom of the bowl can be made of metal or plastic and can be covered by a metal grid, but this is not essential. If the cage you choose has a metal grill, whether it is to removable because they need to be cleaned regularly.

Positioning of the cage

Remember that a cage with Metal bars open round and this is a stock on where you position your cage. Your canary can feel more secure if his cage in a corner or near a Wall is set up, but keep it a draufty door on top of an open window or air conditioning. A metal mesh cage offers no shade and your Canary is sad when the cage is overheated in a window on a hot sunny day, as both will hang the bird and the cage.

Robert has been a pet keeping fanatic since boyhood when kept slow worms, a tame Jackdaw and fish in addition to the usual cats and dogs. He likes to write articles about pet keeping because pets deserve the right treatment and care. He also is the webmaster of several websites such as which helps people find great deals on claw foot tubs.

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chicken coop recipes

October 15th, 2010

chicken coop recipes
Recipe needed in a hurry?

We have some increase as we thought in our backyard in the last 4 chickens roosters turned out that half they were. A neighbor killed and plucked 3 yesterday, we asked ourselves is a best way to cook it, "said neighbor is cooking, do not really believe that, is it possible something else a little more palatable to them … Today, if possible, before the kids back … we have replaced them in the barn with 3 new hens from local experts

Only they are like you make chicken .. —-

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chicken coop wings

May 27th, 2010

chicken coop wings
What is the method to stop chickens flying the Coop at? Do I clip the wings or bend them, please?

The most humane treatment please.

Some breeds are flightier than others. I have only ever had a hen fly over the pin and that was because she was still young (light) and got a little more excited at the sight of me bring some goodies! I do not think it necessary to clip the wings, as are my grades pretty hard races and not flighty. If your chicken their pen does not fly out, you can not do a clip of their wings … both. And definitely do not bend the wings! That would only hurt the bird! Be careful how to avoid the Wing and the rapid area of the wings to prevent bleeding. You want to trim only the flight feathers.

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