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chicken coop table

October 26th, 2010

chicken coop table
I need tips?

when I go to the hen house I sometimes give my chicken fresh water, food, food scraps and pick them up and stroke and a host of other things, but for some reason one of the cocks comess and pecks me really hard in the back of the leg, so I bleed and then he flies on and digs its claws into my skin. Why he does this I do all I can to make you happy, but they are still really mean. I do not want to kill or get rid of them, but how do I make it stop hurting me?

Roosters are very aggressive and territorial. Your messing with his girl, and he tries to show you who's the boss. may help separate it from the chickens could.

Kitchen Papers Party at the Coop Chickens Paper Placemat

Kitchen Papers Party at the Coop Chickens Paper Placemat


Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks, these eco-friendly placemats are a beautiful yet practical addition to any tabletop….

100% Cotton Brown & Yellow Jacquard 60x60 Tablecloth - Chicken Coop

100% Cotton Brown & Yellow Jacquard 60×60 Tablecloth – Chicken Coop


Add a splash of color to your dining room or banquet table with this hand loomed linen tablecloth. Styles also available as a 54″x90″ rectangle….

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