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chicken coop eglu

October 25th, 2009

chicken coop eglu
Can shredded paper in a chicken coop?

In view of always looking and have 3 chucks in different types of cooperatives, obviously The new Eglu cube would be great, but the price is too much, it would for a traditional style with nesting boxes and a good size running area, etc. .. it seems to me the great feature on the Eglu is the removable tray for cleaning, and we plan to get hubby to take me some could for the wood I choose, but We shredded paper into the ground to help drain or what would anyone recommend a more experienced than I am?

I personally would avoid scraps of paper and for wood chips / debris or Hemcore / aubiose (most stores may horse and cattle shops and cost around £ 12 for a 20kg bag of them to be bought Would last for 6 months) in a small Coop. Absorbancy of paper has a poor rate, and some chickens will try the stuff is far from ideal (vegetable Impact eating, etc.). The Eglu are expensive and of that what I have heard, are not so simple, clean access to, as they say, and if a chicken is sick and has withdrawn the Eglu, it is difficult to get access to them. For more information on housing systems, check out this site it's a great resource:

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