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chicken coop waterer

February 15th, 2011

chicken coop waterer
Question? please help! 10 points to best answer?

You do not have to answer all my questions, but I have some questions chicken. I will a novice chicken owner, and I have a few questions. First, the polyethylene, galvanized or plastic waterer better? Also, what size was the best for be about 4-7 chickens? The sizes are 6, 14, 2, 4, 8, 5 or 7 gallons water. Also, bear welsummer McMurray hatchery chickens? Is it ok to leave Just the chicken in a large coop in the spring with them and they can only roam everywhere. I would lock them up at night in the small run with closed Top with coop. run for the big and small pin with enclosed top, I should not climb horse fencing, welded wire or poultry netting? I already said before it's ok, if you cannot answer all questions, only answering good man! all advice greatly appreciated! Thank you!

i had to grow up chicken we had them in a chicken coup .. but my boss has chickens, that in a "fenced secured with a chicken coup with a tiny door for the hens to enter To place or when bad weather strikes. at night they slide the chicken door down so that the rodents and coyotes do not get it, .. if you get chicken wire and clip a Page can not fly their flight wings, they are a little bit (you have to repeat every month atleast .. does it matter on both sides and they are still fly) for the10 it has chickens, she has a gavanized 5 gallons waterer. You want to be sure you feed the right food .. depending on whether they are meat or hens Laying hens .. I would only get def hens, when and if possible, roosters tend possesive and a little mean. unless you are on battles or setting up their own hatchery planning. Well, I hope this helped:) do not know about the welsummer chicken at all … we always get Redrocks and Bannies … my boss has Redrocks, chipmunks came Livorno, a dwarf, newhampshire red and a Plymouth Rock a few of the chicks that have my friends from here: c36.aspx

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