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chicken coop murders location

July 25th, 2010

chicken coop murders location
Chicken Coop Murders Wineville. Farm location? ("Changeling" movie)?

Search by location of the wineville farm where the chicken coop Murders took place …. I have heard that the farm still exists out there, although the name of the city has changed now Mira Loma. It is said "five Miles southeast of Wineville (now Mira Loma), off of Etiwanda Blvd. (On Wineville Ave in Riverdale area) "as stared on the historical side. Who knows what the new roads do? states in the LA Times article that Eastwood visited the farm, can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Here are the two link where I found the info. Again Thank you!, .4011688, full.story

I found this site that has images scroll from the farm (also a lot of great information – easy). Of course they are old (should look from the time of the murders), but the farm still the same applies if it is there. You do not know if this helps or not. Http: / / /

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