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September 23rd, 2010

chicken coop height
Harvest Moon Tree of tranquility new game +?

Ok, I have finished all the rainbows grew, the goddess seedling to it in full and I'm waiting Now the mayor to come to the and tell me about the trip backpack or something to play with my child. I wonder what happens when you play your child. Is when the same as the original (restoration of rainbow) or it is something completely different? If there is anything else is what must I do to save the island? Also get I everything I had before? As my cow, sheep, horse, chicken, ostrich … And all my buildings such as barn, Coop, lvl 4 Home … Sorry for all these questions, but I would really be happy to answer them all if you could be. Thank you!

If you play as your child will feel as if you began to be a whole new game the rainbow you will have completely shut and heart to win again, etc. None of your items will go in your child, except tools that go back to level 3, but you all of the money that you have had! Your house will also be back as it was when you started the game Tree of Tranquility.

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