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chicken coop connecticut

January 19th, 2011

chicken coop connecticut
How do I protect my chickens and goats from predators?

I will be locking them at night in a shed for the goats, and cooperation for the chickens, but as the day they are safe from hawks and other predators? I live in Connecticut, USA. I was a llama, donkey, think to protect … but they are so pricy! Any ideas?

You can not possibly protect your chicken if you let them free range. Your best defense is to distinguish them from to protect falcons at the beginning. For your chicken I would suggest a fence to cooperate and shut them at night – OR – build a chicken tractor ( like sure how many chickens you have) that you move every day, if you if you want to take advantage of free offer. It is a small house that you build an enclosed wire "farm" off, it should be small enough for you to move easily, and most will have some sort of wheels and skis on it. As for the goats again, kind of fence would probably be the best choice. If you do, that she may have moved to find out how to make a "movable" fence have. Try Southern states for some suggestions, how to build one. Good luck.

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