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small backyard chicken coops

April 29th, 2010

small backyard chicken coops
Chicks Coop?

Hello I'm a chick from someone and he / she has for weeks in my backyard for about two so far. I wonder, it is necessary him a Coop, It seems like hiding in the bushes, and at night it is hidden the top of the same each time. We have food and water next to it. I was about the construction of a Coop but think it must be small. I have searched for plans to build one, but they are all so great, usually for more than a chicken, I only want one for a chicken. Also, it needs to be a rush to have because it is fenced in our garden, and I think it goes to the yard to run around a lot anyway, I do not plan on locking the chick in each of the Coop. oh thank you and I know it should be a friend, but I do not think I could get another when the chicks grow up to a chicken and has a different and I think my parents want to> only in their backyard.>

If your garden is fenced, the chicken is not likely to be harmed by predators and a good shelter could an old mailbox or something similar, so that they could escape the rain, etc. and you may be able to stuff they want with hay. If the chicks start with eggs, if it's a girl you want a room for her to do this is, otherwise it might start to eat him, because they lay their eggs scattered across the courtyard.

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