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plans for building chicken coops

February 28th, 2009

plans for building chicken coops

Building a chicken coop is a lot easier than you might have thought, it is also much cheaper than buying this book. If you are considering keeping systems, you need somewhere to live for them. Do not waste your hard-earned money on a complete solution – you can put a quality of the chicken coop plans, and you will save themselves to 70%!. The chicken coop plans that I had bought so easy to follow and saved me $ 724!

But first, from my own experience, my top are 5 helpful Hints and tips to get you on your way.

1st Decide Where You Are Going To Put Your Chicken House

If You know how many chickens you want to have, then you can figure out how big does the chicken coop. Do not you think that you can in your henhouse a small area – chicken, stuff the more room to move, to be more satisfied and productive to have! Allow room for a chicken run so that your chickens can still engaged.

Consider the landscape, which will be the co-operation – it must be flat and well prepared, as is the chicken house to stabilize. Building on uneven surfaces rather make repairs in the long run. Build on flat land with good drainage.

2nd Ensure that your Chicken House Is Off The Ground

If you have predators in the vicinity will be to your home building from the bottom of the hutch (1 foot recommended) it is from, to prevent the stall to your chickens attack. All you need is then an access ramp for the chickens to be getting on and off easily. Problem solved.

3rd Carefully Where Your Chicken Coop Plan Will Its Windows

Windows provide excellent ventilation and natural lighting, but be careful that you do not place the windows in a way that the sun is always in the eyes of the chickens. Good ventilation and natural light into your Chicken in good health and wellbeing.

4th put in good sized doors – for the chickens and for you!

This will make it easier to get to your chickens, into and out of their cooperation. Make your own easy-entry door, this will also help if you clean it. You should always ensure that you clean the chicken house at least once a week. Cleaner homes mean healthier and happier chickens.

5th Make sure you set a good chicken coop plans (Avoid the places available, they are horrible!)

Planning is everything. I am therefore strongly recommend get finished plans, perform each step of the way. I bought my guide after visiting a website, which reviews the top 2 websites on the Internet in terms of construction Chicken Coop – it turned what I thought would be a challenge to build into a really straight – and My chickens love it!. It has built me only 2 days to my chicken coop, and I saved $ 724 doing it myself.

Both sets of plans that we reviewed are easy to follow and excellent value for money. I knew that I didn’t have the knowledge to plan and build my own chicken coop so when I found this site I knew that this was exactly what I needed. It takes you by the hand and leads you through the whole build process. You really cannot go wrong with these plans – click here to see what I mean. And don’t forget that you get up to 7 free bonuses when you buy!

Did you find my tips on building a chicken coop useful? You can learn a lot more by clicking on either of the blue underlined links in this article.

Steve Rooms

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