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keep chicken coop warm

July 24th, 2011

keep chicken coop warm
How do you keep chickens over the winter at high altitudes?

I live at 8500 feet. (In the Rockies.) I want a few laying hens, but I look all the stables to get a look at not very warm or lack any kind of total isolation. I do not have a barn or out buildings. Almost certainly will be my Man does not approve of my attitude in the bathroom either. Also, any recommendations for breeds? I like the Cuckoo Marans for its beautiful chocolate brown eggs. Layers of cold weather?

Yes, you need a robust coop to give them a safe place to sleep and lay eggs, but you also need some protection around the sides of the barrel, as a windbreak to act and to use a covered area for them to get out of the weather and in the dry when it rains or snows. The barrel must be reinforced wire mesh sides, 6ft high, buried to the grid in the ground to deter predators. A mesh roof may also be desirable to climb as a robber. I think you would do well to one of the many forums to keep chicken join if you're new here, as the people are very helpful and will advise you from personal experience. In Britain we have www.practicalpoultry.co.uk the awesome, and I expect there are others in the U.S. as well. It is nice to keep chickens if you know they are happy and secure in their run, but simply to expensive or heartbreaking make mistakes when you get it wrong at first. I would recommend that point was their first egg laying hybrids for birds – I have 300 eggs in each set the first year, and are docile and hardy. Good luck!

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