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how to keep chicken coop clean

January 28th, 2010

how to keep chicken coop clean
Warming up my chicken coop?

What is a safe way to warm up my chicken coop .. I need to clean it out, but it's so damn cold here and is likely to be colder … I wanted it last week, but clean, what is wrong simply to run again .. However, if it was a safe way to heat for a Now do I would appreciate knowing about it .. Ing thanks

Infra-red lights are used to heat brooder houses. This is for determines the health of the chicks. The bulbs are hung from above. The closer to the bottom of the warm ground. When the chicks bed, bottom right under the light of soil are not kept warm enough and the lamp should be lowered. When the chicks bed down in a circle with a large free area under the lamp, the lamp too close to the ground and should be levied. We always use four bulbs in a square for three hundred chickens kept in a ten-foot circle. Never design of the incubator with corners, where The chicks are raised. Use the rice hulls or beet pulp as bedding. About three inches thick. As you can see, there are many things to pay for the attention when you chickens. When you view your personal comfort, if the question asked pooling: only and work hard. Talk to the people where you buy to eat. They are recommendations that apply to your region and the temperatures you can expect when taking into account the health of your herd.

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