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how to build small chicken coops

how to build small chicken coops
Help! My dog has become OBSESSED with our chickens. How can I stop this madness?

We recently built a small chicken coop on our Ranch. For the first few months, my Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) is rather ignored. Although she would run and then try to drive them when I went ouside – It is a working dog, after all – the rest of the time she left her alone. Now – suddenly – she has become obsessed with them. She now spends almost the whole day through cooperation, walking around the Coop after a chicken. It is always a problem because she hardly responded to anything else on my part without some serous intervention. What can I do to stop – or at least minimize – this behavior?

Welcome to the dark side of the herding dogs – this is a good example of what people mean when they need to say: "your dog a job to do, or he will find one of his own." And – as usual – the job is certainly not selected to which they promote. If this were my dog, would have to stop the self-amplification of stalking chickens. If it took crating the dog, if I do not could see, it would be. At the same time I would do a hardcore Ruff Love program with this dog. http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?ID=DTA228 I can imagine that your dog likes to remind them not so good – in fact, I bet that if you tried to call your dog anywhere near the chickens, she had to be eliminated. "See ya!" So, no freedom of linen until it is recalled, no matter completely in order, not where it is. The dog needs a history of reinforcement in her memory built. And that must be eliminated – far away – from the chickens. When you begin to practice it also needs very easy for them to be successful! Paid you play with food and / or if it comes. Try impulse control games to work. If you email me I will be something for you. Good luck!

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