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January 27th, 2010

free pictures of chicken coops

C & C cages are becoming increasingly popular. Their use has increased in recent years. This is mainly because farmers begin to understand that while Can use standard mass-produced pet store cages or be economically feasible, racks of laboratory tests on guinea pigs Topics house, they do not offer a pleasant and healthy Living environment for our beloved pets.

How do you go about building a C & C cage? In a first step you have your cage design. C & C-cages can be as simple as a rectangular "fence" are arranged around the perimeter of a Coroplast box, or as complex as a multi-level "pig Villa" complete with a top, a floor, ramps and balcony levels. The choice is yours. Literally hundreds of photos are available online, for inspiration in your cage design effort to inject.

Some things you might want to be in shaping your cage:

 · A top or lid for the cage, if you have a cat, toddler, or other "domestic robbers" in the house to have.

 · A wire down when the cage placed on a table will. Cages without soil can be dangerous for your pigs, because once an edge slips off the table, it can drag the whole cage down on the floor.

 • If you have a cage has a top speed, ensure that they are huge openings for the cleaning and maintenance is simple cage. The attempt at a closed cage through a small opening clean is difficult at best.

Once you run your cage, you have all the necessary materials to purchase. They are grids, Corolast and a kind of liaison elements have to keep the unit together.

You can usually get with the purchase of nets a wire storage cube shelves from one of the big department stores. Make sure that the networks have openings that are no larger than 1.5 inches. A national Body shops has recently changed the design to save storage cube units to costs. The device is of grids, which are designed, 14-inch Place. The old design was only nine squares each edge. The new cost-reduced version uses 8×8 grid.

Several organizations have guinea pig rescue strangulation deaths and injuries reported to the 8×8 with its grid in the C & C cages. It is extremely important that these networks are avoided in the construction of your cage. Jobs Ensure that if you are using 14-inch by 14-inch screen that they are the 9×9 series. As an alternative to insure that the openings of 1.5 inches or less on each side.

If networks are not available in your area, you can often get them through contact with one of the many online C & C cage sellers. Click on the link in the resource box for more information about online C & C cage sales.

Coroplast is usually not in hardware and home improvement stores. The best Coroplast Buy way is to put local businesses characters. Coroplast is routinely used for outdoor lawn signs. You want more contact and a shop sign Some quotes as they are very different in the price. If you would like to sign-makers may even be willing to it too big for you for a small fee . reduce If you have contact with commercial signs, be sure to tell them, you build a guinea pig cage. They can give you a lower price, if they determine that you are not a competitor.

The last thing you need is a means, together with all the networks. Most storage cube kits come with press-on plastic controller ports included. Most C & C cage, designers use these fasteners built into the cages.

As an alternative, you can also tie or packages Cable Ties to your cage to keep together. Although they require a little extra work to apply, they provide a much stronger, more robust and durable attachment method when the press on plastic connectors.

You can avoid the whole work in the design of your cage and find the materials, through the purchase a C & C cage kit online participation. These kits come with instructions and all materials needed to build your cage. For more information about C & C guinea pig cage kits Click on the link in the resource box below. Either way, building a C & C cage is a good way to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your guinea pigs to affordable price.

We here at Blue Stone Commerce are pet owners as well as pet cage sellers. Please Visit Our Website at http://www.BlueStoneCages.com for lots more information, tips and entertaining tales of guinea pigs and guinea pig cages. You will also find links to all of our online Cage Stores and Guinea Pig Care guides. While there, be sure to Claim Your FREE BONUS GIFT available on the front page.

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