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November 28th, 2010

Love to dance? How about online games? Well, if you do, do read this article.
This is a guide to start with Audition Online Gaming, a very fun and interactive game that I recommend for you.


After you click a server in one place which we term its "lobby".


In the lobby you will see spaces play in which some ( progress), while others are not. To play, just double click on each room. You can not, the rooms are:

On progress – This means you have to wait for the player in the song they play are protected password ready – If you see a barrier in front of the room its name means, simply, It has a password, which you must enter correctly to get to you inside.

Each room can handle a maximum of 6 players and 10 observers. If A room that is already six players will join on the dance floor, you see that your character will only be on the back – that is, you are only part of the Public and all you can do is to watch. Once there is an available slot Infront, just click on "Join" if you take on the game want.

2. Room Master / DJ

The Master of the room is the one who holds the DJ. He has the power to send invitations to people in the lobby to the Game, forcing people to connect from the room, near slots, pick songs, select the stage, and determine the mode of each game. For a DJ to be, you need to make your own place, by ticking the "Create Room" in the lobby. While you are in, you can DJ / authority somebody otherwise pass by clicking on "watch". The DJ is automatically passed to the next person is transferred to you.

3. Room Types

Room titles have color codes. Each color will tell you what kind of room it is. The nature of the space determines how you would play the game. You can kind of space from the dropdown box after you "create space" on. White – Medium Normal Operation Orange – dance club Pink / Purple – Ballroom Yellow – Green Beat Up – Beat rush Violet – 1.2 Party Blue – Battle Party


The songs are listed alphabetically by song title or artist. It can even after the BPM (beats are listed per minute). The BPM affects the speed of the song. The higher the BPM, the faster the song, therefore, the more difficult it is to play. For beginners it's great, with the slowest song, often by 80-90 BPM practice.


As a DJ, you have the to bring the power stage. This refers to dance in the background, where the players are.


How to read already, href = "http://auditiononlinegaming.blogspot.com/> Audition Online Gaming also has different modes, depending on the type of room. Each mode has a different gameplay, and I'm going to dig further on this in my future articles. In the meantime, I'm only going to discuss the "Normal Mode". If you are in the lobby, you can see the normal rooms are represented by white space permits.

7. The normal room / The NORMAL mode

To go further, imagine the normal mode in this way. When the game starts, You will see a horizontal bar with a moving ball. And it is this line from the bottom arrows, the bar. Accordingly, you must click on the set of arrows before moving Beads reached the high point (flashing point) on the shelf. How to do this?

Use the numeric keypad (make sure numlock is not activated), Switch to the arrows, and the time each clock with the space bar.

UP DOWN LEFT = 8 = 2 = 4 right = 6 = 9 diagonally right-up diagonal right-DOWN = 3 diagonal left-UP = 7-PLY tap the bottom left Space = 1 / ctrl = the bead when it reaches the flashing part

8. How do I create a SCORE

It is best practice mode first try and select songs that has the lowest BPM. Do your best to push all the arrows adequately achieved before moving beads that "flashing Point "on the counter. Tap the space bar as soon as the caterpillar reached that part.

Have fun! Enjoy the game! Hope this guide helped get They are known to Audition online game!

Dawn is a certified computer gamer, who enjoys playing Audition Online Game. And as a dedicated player, she writes this guide to help beginners and other people out there, get acquainted with this very fun and interactive game, Audition Dance Battle. You can also visit her blogs for more information at http://auditiononlinegaming.blogspot.com/

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