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September 26th, 2010

Neighbors are a very valuable free resource Farmville. Your neighbors you can fertilize your plants, give gifts Farmville and offer you the opportunity to Profit from their lost animals, services and Mystery Eggs. You can also remove coins and for fertilizing their crops. In Farmville, you really need neighbors. It is not you to deny it!

First neighbors

If you do not have many friends, the Farmville have to play (and you are a little shy to ask your friends) consider inviting other people from one of the many fan sites Farmville. The people in these pages do the same thing that you want-more neighbors! Send your Invite a friend and do not forget how "Farmville" in your message so that they ask, you know why. Search "Farmville" on Facebook to find out these fan sites. The application "Farmville" is a list of people you are trying to add friends from can. For those looking for more players can Try "Farmville" or "Farm ville.

Benefit from your neighbors

Note the Facebook live from your Farmville Friends feed. You can also celebrate and collect between 50-500 coins when they are "Share the Wealth" of benefits. Be sure to always "Share the Wealth" with your friends.

Watch for Animal Lost bookings from your friends. You can easily collect all the rare animals you by many neighbors and watch the feed. This takes you to stop playing for a while and just keep an eye on the feed. You should have been rare animals alarm can be accepted for a few seconds after it is published.

Mystery Eggs, a relatively new innovation Farmville, working as a bonus for your friends. Collect eggs from your Chicken Coop offers an opportunity for Mystery Eggs. Only other players, these eggs hatch Mystery, it is not possible, they hatch. You can also rare prices, if other people have for their eggs Live Feed!

Sometimes grow your neighbors will get "Perfect grapes" when they flower plants. The "Perfect grapes" can you be divided by your friends through live feed. Grab a bouquet or two, during an eye out for MysteryEggs so that you can embellish your farm.

How to be a good neighbor

In order to neighbors who have been kind enough to friend you to be a wonderful neighbor to them. Make sure all your gifts every day and after all you can send to share with them. If possible, go to their operations and lend a hand by fertilizing their fields. From this Activities you will both benefit from and you can make your friendship stronger than good. Remember, never collect all the lost animals for yourself if you keep an eye on the Live feed. Let other people have a turn after you get a few. You can read more on another day.

Every level in Farmville allows you to get a new title, purchase new items and unlock other crops. For further info concerning the different levels in Farmville, read Farmville Levels.

What vehicles are purchasable in Farmville? Head on to Farmville Vehicles if you want to know the answer to this query.

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