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July 19th, 2010

What animals are best kept to Farmville?

I do not want to waste my time collecting the white chickens, if they give me only 8 coins and so I want to know what to think. Here are the animals I: Bull (3) had (a dairy farm in )——————————— – - Goat (2) Regular Calf (7 )————————————– ——— —White/Black cats (I need it anyway) Green Kalb (2 )——————————– —— ————– Horse (17) Duck (2 )—————————- ——————- ———— Luv Ewe (1) Keeping anyway Swan (4 )————————– ——————- ————- Referee Cow (1)-Keeping anyway Penguin (2) Brown Goose (3) Turkey (1) Wild Turkey (2) Full Chicken Coop (6 white chickens, 9 brown, 2 black, 3 gold) Clumsy Reindeer (6) Reindeer (1) Rabbits (5) Lamb (2) were Luv Ewe, referees cow and something else. Cannot remember oh-opposite bulls Goats (2)

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