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chicken coops for sale hens

chicken coops for sale hens

Choosing a house cow is usually a pretty personal preference. Some people want a lot of milk, they would be looking at something like a Friesian. They give a lot, often more watery than creamy. Although to have said that some types of dairy cows to give me, I always like to have a jersey. Just a bucket of milk with a very good cream content. Enough to make my own butter, buttermilk, have to drink some use for cooking and good rich milk for the children. Also had enough cream to make pure ice cream. Did the neighbors in the milk as well. Each was left on the pig. A housecow is a very good investment. They give you all the milk, butter, cream plus they want to raise a calf for meat at the same time.

Notwithstanding cow of what you want to buy, there are certain attributes that buys the best "" be. A good straight back, the saying is a square looking cow. However, you have to think more a rectangle than a square of four feet. The udder is very important. After all, it is what you buy. Preferably place (that word again) means that it is even. Four teats, I know, say you are, how law they all have four teats. Not so! Some have extra teats that they do not work, but they get in the way sometimes after milking.

The next what to look at, who being there is the milking. If there is a man, he will usually prefer to have a cow with good size nipples, like most men more Hands. The larger cow usually means a jersey as they usually have little teats. I have small hands, so I like the jersey up to the Ground while the others I have trouble, my hands around. We had an AIS (Australian Illawarra Shorthorn) that we named after the singer Dolly. She was generous equipped and had teats like toilet paper. She could feed their own calves and two others. Well, that was a lot of milk!

Now the nature and Way not to do things!

When we first began, I turned the help of an old cocky (farmer). He was a man Friesan through and through and could not understand why I buy "wanted Jersey. She was quiet and would stand just there to be milked. This was true, just not in a shed. Set A bucket in front of her with dairymeal, and you could milk her somewhere in a paddock. Not big on rainy days! He wanted us to the calf up for auction at the end of the sale. I asked how old the calf was and he said that over a day. My maternal instinct came to the fore. After the birth she was losing her calf? Do not worry! We took Cow and calf. This was a blessing, because if you did not want to milk they could leave with her calf and had to worry about. Well, if you go away for a few days wanted.

However, it was our first cow and the only ones I had seen were on the Royal Show in Sydney. They wore halter were held and round. So I gave a Vic Halters and told him to put it on. He came back and said he did not think she wanted him to, when she had her head and threw him at least three times too. She never wore a head piece.

Okay, lets get serious again!

Now, as they have just calved before, we need so that the sting went out of the milk to leave. In our area They called this beast milk. This may be about 5-7 days.

Then you can start milking your cow. Some come in a head Bale broken, some not. All our cows are used to just stand there munching their dairymeal. We have no leg rope it not. Some people tie the leg of the page you are milking again. We have several cows and all had their own little habits. Not a few were on one side only of milk. Having to be threatened with a kick, I would try the other side, that the cow found suitable. One thing we have tied around their necks, they begin as it was not broken in the milk. We did not have a ball, so that we are only bound her and began Milking. They sometimes confuse and put her foot in the bucket of milk, but after a while, she would hold him back. I have always felt that it was better a few buckets of milk than losing leg rope. Interestingly enough, when we did some riding camp, a little girl offered her milk to me. She was an experienced milker when she had their own cow. I said okay. Next she came to say that Delilah (we called her, because she was so beautiful) kept putting her back leg and move her hands away from the udder. It was not me, so nobody else wanted to get their milk!

They are all characters, and like all animals have one person with specific preferences.

Happy milking!

“ABOUT THE AUTHORS”: Vic & Rose Rushton are recognised as leading authorities on organic farming. Their web site http://www.rushton-enterprises.com provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on organic farming

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