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March 27th, 2011

chicken coop windows
Raccons are always in my chicken coop. It lasted two chicks. Any help on predator prrof my coop?

Coop is about 2 feet from the ground. Chicken wire is everywhere! Up, down, sideways. They have a big box to go in the night or day, that has a caged windows, shingle roof, fans. The Coop is about 10 feet long and 6 meters wide and 6 feet high. We made sure there were no holes anywhere woke this morning with a 10 "hole in the side with 2 chicken torn away. No blood, feathers or anything? You think it would have been blood I? I never ever did anything animals where I live. No deer, raccons, opossums, squirrels barely. You must only come if I do not look. The chicks are 6-8 weeks old and we now have 4 outside and 1 inside pocket with a baby turkey. They were still too small to submit to the outside be. The others were put out to buy almost a week. I live in western pa, if that helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Raccoons are actually very intelligent, strong and very clever, especially when trying to find ways to get food comes from. They only come out at night and if you ever see one in the day, stay away from him as it is probably rabid. By the way, I live in Western PA and I think a part of the problem is the population explosion of raccoons here in the past Years. My father, with a certain weariness, a very large raccoon led to a few hundred dollars worth of grub damage to his lawn in search of larvae in the ground, a wire trap left in the night with some food in it and the damn thing actually had the case on, picked up the food falling from the trap, ate and left … that's what I mean when I say they are smart and strong. So you can see what you have to do here lol. I agree with anyone who has any kind of repellent that you probably at Lowe's or Home Depot can be found said. And if all else fails and you have a strong stomach lol, you can try to catch them at night with a Trap and let them go somewhere else either (which I have to be careful as it does is illegal to do that in many places) or like my father did this and take it into the woods and shoot them. He did it, a hook and shot him but never caught the Great, all that has caused the damage.

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Coop 6'x8' DIY Chicken Coop Kit

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Coop 6′x8′ DIY Chicken Coop Kit


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iPhone 8 Case Chicken Coop - 2 by Pixels

iPhone 8 Case Chicken Coop – 2 by Pixels


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14 x 21 PlayHouse Window Brown, Chicken Coop Window, Shed Window

14 x 21 PlayHouse Window Brown, Chicken Coop Window, Shed Window


This is The perfect little Window for Any Playhouse, Shed, or Chicken Coop, very easy to install. Our Windows are made to our specifications and are a higher quality then others out in the market place. We have ours made with a thick aluminum frame and instead of standard float glass we use a 5 mil thick clear safety/tempered glass. We give you an upgraded quality window then our competitors. They…

24 X 27 Shed Window Aluminum Frame SAFETY/TEMPERD GLASS Storage Sheds Playhouse Tree House (White J-Channel)

24 X 27 Shed Window Aluminum Frame SAFETY/TEMPERD GLASS Storage Sheds Playhouse Tree House (White J-Channel)


This is a great window for any outdoor building like storage sheds, garages, playhouse, tree houses, chicken coops…

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