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chicken coop stock images

July 22nd, 2010

chicken coop stock images

Start by measuring and cutting all the camps after cutting list and set it aside. Take the legs and the rejuvenated brand. The taper starts 20 "from the bottom on. The leg tapers to 3-1/2 "at the bottom. Repeat this for all the legs and cut out.

The legs are the most important stretchers at 75 °. This cut is best done with a circular saw. Mark your lines, clamp the stock on edge and cut. Turn the bearing to the other side and make the cut.

Time for some assembly. On the main stretcher a line 1-1/2 "from each end. This is the outer surface of the leg. Now make a second Brand of one of an edge. "This is the top of the leg. Do this for each leg on both stretchers.

Put some glue on the angled of the leg and position on the marks you just made on the stretcher. Secure with 4-2 "screws. Repeat this for all the legs.

Place the 8.3 "Plywood cut brackets on the outside of butting into the legs of the bottom of the main stretcher. Scribe the angle on the suspenders and with your pencil. Bring Some glue on the outside of the legs and secure the brackets with six screws, three in each leg.

Now two lines runs along the entire length of each top step, offset 4.3 "from center. Countersink 5 holes, 3 / 4" deep in each step. Alternate the holes on the side of the center. Position of the tip on the carrier is flush with the ends. With screws only.

Finally, the lower level of the middle to secure the leg with screws and glue.

The There it is. These saw horses will easily take the load of a lift of plywood or studs. Plus which to a large scaffold. Space about 8 'apart and securely a 2 x 10 between them.

Get more information including material and tool list and photos of these saw horses at http://www.all-wood-working-plans.com/heavy-duty-saw-horse.html. Read more articles at http://www.all-wood-working-plans.com/wood-working-articles.html

Photo: Old log chicken coop. Pembroke Farms,North Carolina

Photo: Old log chicken coop. Pembroke Farms,North Carolina


Photograph Description: Old log chicken coop. Pembroke Farms, North Carolina Date Created Published: 1939. Notes: Actual size of negative is C (approximately 4 x 5 inches). File print misnumbered LC-USF343-015880-ZD; corrected Sept. 8, 1998. Negative’s series code changed from LC-USF347 to LC-USF34; Sept. 8, 1998. Title and other information from caption card. LOT 1493 (Location of corresponding p…

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