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April 22nd, 2009

chicken coop roost

Keeping outlet in your own garden can be a lot of fun. You will receive a constant supply of fresh, tasty eggs. If you want to keep the birds as pets (and many people do) you do not want you to think the occasional Sunday roast dinner courtesy of your fowl, but it is an attractive option for Some poultry keepers.

None of this can be accomplished without the proper procedure for your chickens. Here, in brief, are the ten most important steps You need to keep your healthy free-range chickens, safe and satisfied.

Choose The Right Breed

It is important to choose the right breed for your area and requirements. Tolerance to hot or cold climates, good locations, or for the pot, make good pets or backyard Scratch – there are many aspects that you need to check carefully from the outset. Your local supplier can advise chicken, how to get other neighbors with their own chickens. My own favorite, after they grew up on an Irish farm, the Rhode Iceland Red – robust, reasonably intelligent) does not (in any breed, tolerant of bad weather and a good location. They told me that chickens make great pets silk, but I have no personal experience, this again.

Choose The correct number of birds

Chickens need space, the search for food, exercise and comfortable nest. Plan on about 10 square meters or one square meter per bird than a minimum. Convenient measure of the area in which you intend to keep the chickens in order to determine the maximum number you can too hold. For social reasons, the chickens (not you!) Three is considered the minimum number for a flock of chickens.


Their chickens, you need to reserve some time each day for feeding and watering, coop cleaning and maintenance of their general living area such as inspection of enclosure. Allow 10 or 15 minutes for a small flock, and expect that you follow closely, as you walk around the pen. They love to see every day!

Shelter and Housing

Chickens have somewhere safe at night castle, with perches and nest boxes. You also need a place of We find refuge from too much sun, and they need a supply of fresh water. A good chicken coop have to collect an easy access for cleaning and a way of eggs, without the hens too much.


First is protection from predators and there is also a wide range of these rats, dogs, Raccoons, weasels, birds of prey like eagles and hawks, foxes, snakes, perhaps. Many of them are very intelligent and very well on access, especially for an extended Period. You need a secure chicken run, at least, and should also consider running a fenced pen or at least with chicken wire sides 12 cm buried. This need will be a top as well, if they are birds of prey such as running or is in the vicinity of trees (on your chickens escape to avoid!).


There can affect some diseases, the hens, and you should check out by those who The usual, in your area. Speak with your veterinarian, chicken farmers and other online forums – you will find the hen to keep community is very supportive. Hens also tend to Fears that feel very light, so keep dogs at a safe distance and remember to ask your chickens talk in your daily walks! Watch out for laying hens Pecking at other chickens, and – for some reason, they tend to do so if they feel neglected, and can do a lot of damage to each other when not stopped on time.


You have to hit all the national and local regulations with an increase or poultry although this is often too onerous. It could be a distinction between a commercial herd (perhaps, more than 50 birds) and a private one. It may issue regulations on the minimum site area. Go to your local city hall, authorities or planning department for guidance.


Chickens need protein, water, grain and vegetables. A good protein diet is important, and your local feed can be saved to advise on these issues. Protein supplements and sand are sometimes necessary, but usually free-range chickens will get enough of their own foraging. There must be a constant supply of fresh, clean water. If You are away during the day or on vacation, you should consider using automatic water dispenser for your chickens. Cereals and vegetables are usually by foraging made available. If you use a portable chicken coop or chicken tractor to get your chickens around the garden, they will get all the food they and you will have your garden weeded and fertilized receive free!


Most chicken varieties are fairly tolerant to harsh climatic conditions, provided that you give them access to the shade when the sun is overhead. You can take a surprising amount of cold, But they need to keep their feet dry.


Consider the local environment. Usually farming systems is a considered good cause, so you do not encounter significant problems. It is useful to your neighbors who may be affected are quiet on the inclusion of noise (chickens, Valves or cocks are not!) And Fair (chicken in small quantities) are very clean. You could use the idea of a supply of free range eggs, as the front door.

In fact, most of these important steps are common sense and are not difficult. Follow and enjoy healthy, happy chickens for the coming years. Oh, I almost forgot – a happy chicken should lay 6 eggs a week during the spring and summer months!

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Author: Kieran Gracie

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