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chicken coop perch size

April 19th, 2010

chicken coop perch size
What do chickens need in their cage, as 2 weeks old?

Now my 3 2-week-old chicks are pecking each other's back until they were bare the lady at the feed store yesterday and that we have bought them told me about Vicks baby rub on them to exercise, it would prevent the other from pecking. This Chickens are in my laundry room (only until this afternoon, when outside their Coop will be ready) with a heat lamp, food, water and a homemade bass. The cage is twice as large as the one they were kept in the feed stock. This morning I woke up and one of the chickens now have a green spot where the bald head was yesterday … now what do I do? Some say they are bored, but what do I do in there for them?

well, are employed as You? Keep them with attention from you and not just with each other … bored what best for me is stimulated only about grass scattered on the floor .. they can not start to eat it does not yet sure, but they have fun with him. …. perhaps the Kitty Cat rubber or plastic balls. they find the fun .. Chickens are so smart like small dogs and cats, and they form friendships with each other. Therefore, it is important to maintain, or they are bored and aggressive or destructive.

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