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chicken coop murders wineville

August 17th, 2010

chicken coop murders wineville
Can anyone name some other famous murders?

I am interested in reading about crime scenes stuff and some have potential in some killings. I was wondering if someone can name any one, where there were already more than a murder involved? I; The wineville henhouse The Moors murders Murder. Mary Bell – The Tyneside strangler the Yorkshire Ripper murders, the Soham – Holly and Jessica, thanks x

The Jack the Ripper murders were the 19th century. BTK killings (1970s-2000s) Green River Killings (from 1980s) Paul Bernardo / Karla Homolka Teen Sex Kills (early 1990s) Black Dahlia Murder (1947) JFK / RFK / MLK / Malcolm X murders from the 1960s

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