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March 18th, 2010

chicken coop kent
I would like to get a few chickens …?

and it needs to get a decent collaboration. Have looked online and on eBay and they are all very expensive! Can anyone tell me a good place to get a house (I live near Tunbridge Wells, Kent), or some advice on building my own? Thank you. HP also want a few chickens battery – how do I do, other than that?

I am assuming that you live in England from there on you. I have there many times and my wife has just come back from holiday on the first, while the daughter was having her baby. They are stationed in the Air Force. The Lawn and garden stores have small buildings that are perfect for a hen house for a dozen chickens. I do not have to England for three years, so I do not know what they cost now, but they were very reasonable. They were cheaper than I could buy the materials for the other side. Less than 100 quid, the best recall I. Every time I go, I examine the little garden house. I wish it was not so expensive to ship them. I have several, which I have asked for Birds in. I've seen several people around the Cambridge area want to view, raising the birds in cages in them.

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