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chicken coop flooring

March 29th, 2009

chicken coop flooring
I have a hen and her name is now 3 weeks of June it is she lives in my basement?

3 weeks ago it was egg-bound, they laid an egg, when soft shell she goes outside to hang with her five friends, they pick on her when she will be able to get back into the barn? Even some ideas of what the cooperation in the Floor Laying, it will be so easy to clean, too?

Get hen egg-bound because of calcium deficiency (in their diet, therefore, the soft shelled eggs she finally laid.) Not only do they need calcium to make eggshells, they also need them for their muscles tocontract correct. Feeding crushed oyster shell (available at the feed store) is the easiest way to give calcium supplements to. Spearate feed in a trough from the regular food. The chickens will know instinctively to to eat it. Chickens have a clear pecking order, and is a bird in the flock, or one who is weak or ill is a new select. The way I make (or re-introduce) a bird in the flock, put them in a cage on the floor in the cage, where are the others. (Make sure she has food and water! Move) The cage on the floor at night, it is not vulnerable to rodents, and so she feels safe. The chickens are known to re-get through the wire. After a few Days you should be able to it with a minimum of strife release, although there are still some, as they regain the hierarchy. In terms of cooperation, you have not say what you use now. I use straw and dried grass clippings from the lawn – I catch them in a grass catcher sprad them out to dry, then bag them in the old feed bags for future use. (But do not if you treat your lawn with chemicals! You get your chicken poison!) In autumn, the dry Leaves also work very well. A nice thick layer – 4-6 cm – can the new chicken and turn over the waste. It is dusty here, but it is simpler than to clean a bare floor. The mixture of straw and manure compost also very beautiful.

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