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August 30th, 2009

backyard chicken coops
I can house a chicken in my garden?

I saw a chicken today, and I want to know if I can, in my backyard house. the margin of my yard is approximately one quarter acres. We have corn growing in our garden. It flourished from birdseed. You think if I was a chicken, I could feed it got that? would there are growing fast enough? I could get my chickens running around on the floor, if you are not in the collaboration? Please answer all questions! thanks! … PS: I would like really is a chicken … they were excellent pets?

I had a pet chicken and chicken Coupel rasied my whole life. They make great pets, ecspecially if you raise them from chicks. Mine live with me in an apartment so fine in a back yeard lol. Corn grain Friuts green vegtables … stuff like that. stay away from meat canabalistic they go and start eating each other … no joke iv seen it happen.

Backyard chicken coop ~ I LOVE MY CHICKENS Tshirt

Backyard chicken coop ~ I LOVE MY CHICKENS Tshirt

Have you ever been to a place you don’t want to go? And then thought about something else you’d rather be doing? Was that other thing a hobby? Was it gardening? Were there chickens in your gardening hobby fantasy thing? Well then this shirt is probably for you! If you’ve ever felt the burning, aching, throbbing desire to work in a garden and hang out with chickens, then look no further! There are …

Chicken Love For Life - Backyard Chicken Coop Farm Shirt

Chicken Love For Life – Backyard Chicken Coop Farm Shirt

If you have chickens, you need this shirt to show the world that your chicken pets make you breakfast. This shirt is a great gift for your mom, dad, brother, sister, or grandma who love chickens….

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