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November 30th, 2010

Mother Earth News June/July 2011 Save Money With DIY Solar

Mother Earth News June/July 2011 Save Money With DIY Solar

Single issue magazine on living green; solar energy, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, green home building and more!. This issue features:Mother Earth News June/July 2011 Save Money With DIY Solar Get the Most From Garden Mulches; Portable, Predator-Proof Chicken Coop Plans; Grow Sweet Potatoes Even in the North; Health Benefits of Garlic; Why Predators are Vital in Nature; 30 Tips to Ke…

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chicken coop keyport nj

November 29th, 2010

farmville why is the chicken coop locked

November 28th, 2010

Love to dance? How about online games? Well, if you do, do read this article.
This is a guide to start with Audition Online Gaming, a very fun and interactive game that I recommend for you.


After you click a server in one place which we term its "lobby".


In the lobby you will see spaces play in which some ( progress), while others are not. To play, just double click on each room. You can not, the rooms are:

On progress – This means you have to wait for the player in the song they play are protected password ready – If you see a barrier in front of the room its name means, simply, It has a password, which you must enter correctly to get to you inside.

Each room can handle a maximum of 6 players and 10 observers. If A room that is already six players will join on the dance floor, you see that your character will only be on the back – that is, you are only part of the Public and all you can do is to watch. Once there is an available slot Infront, just click on "Join" if you take on the game want.

2. Room Master / DJ

The Master of the room is the one who holds the DJ. He has the power to send invitations to people in the lobby to the Game, forcing people to connect from the room, near slots, pick songs, select the stage, and determine the mode of each game. For a DJ to be, you need to make your own place, by ticking the "Create Room" in the lobby. While you are in, you can DJ / authority somebody otherwise pass by clicking on "watch". The DJ is automatically passed to the next person is transferred to you.

3. Room Types

Room titles have color codes. Each color will tell you what kind of room it is. The nature of the space determines how you would play the game. You can kind of space from the dropdown box after you "create space" on. White – Medium Normal Operation Orange – dance club Pink / Purple – Ballroom Yellow – Green Beat Up – Beat rush Violet – 1.2 Party Blue – Battle Party


The songs are listed alphabetically by song title or artist. It can even after the BPM (beats are listed per minute). The BPM affects the speed of the song. The higher the BPM, the faster the song, therefore, the more difficult it is to play. For beginners it's great, with the slowest song, often by 80-90 BPM practice.


As a DJ, you have the to bring the power stage. This refers to dance in the background, where the players are.


How to read already, href = "> Audition Online Gaming also has different modes, depending on the type of room. Each mode has a different gameplay, and I'm going to dig further on this in my future articles. In the meantime, I'm only going to discuss the "Normal Mode". If you are in the lobby, you can see the normal rooms are represented by white space permits.

7. The normal room / The NORMAL mode

To go further, imagine the normal mode in this way. When the game starts, You will see a horizontal bar with a moving ball. And it is this line from the bottom arrows, the bar. Accordingly, you must click on the set of arrows before moving Beads reached the high point (flashing point) on the shelf. How to do this?

Use the numeric keypad (make sure numlock is not activated), Switch to the arrows, and the time each clock with the space bar.

UP DOWN LEFT = 8 = 2 = 4 right = 6 = 9 diagonally right-up diagonal right-DOWN = 3 diagonal left-UP = 7-PLY tap the bottom left Space = 1 / ctrl = the bead when it reaches the flashing part

8. How do I create a SCORE

It is best practice mode first try and select songs that has the lowest BPM. Do your best to push all the arrows adequately achieved before moving beads that "flashing Point "on the counter. Tap the space bar as soon as the caterpillar reached that part.

Have fun! Enjoy the game! Hope this guide helped get They are known to Audition online game!

Dawn is a certified computer gamer, who enjoys playing Audition Online Game. And as a dedicated player, she writes this guide to help beginners and other people out there, get acquainted with this very fun and interactive game, Audition Dance Battle. You can also visit her blogs for more information at

chicken coop designs

large chicken coop and run

November 27th, 2010

large chicken coop and run

Despite what you may think running both chicken and cooperatives can be built with ease. Some people have this idea in her head that there is any Kind of genius needed to build your own chicken coop, but could be further from the truth. Through all the resources that are available on the Internet, the complete beginners have their chicken coop built in a few days. Seriously. If I can do it, I'm sure no one can in the world.

Before we get into the Heart of the content, where I tell you to see what resources have, I would first like to cover a few things you need to consider before you build.

Do you have enough free space in your garden? The reason I ask this because you'll be surprised how big can get a chicken coop. Of course Everything depends on how many chickens you raise. If you are keeping up to 5 hens, then you must have about 20 ft of 20 for the run and henhouse. Think the fact that the course most of that space is filled. A Chicken Run is a must have on the way, this is an area where the chickens can run around outside, but safe from predators at the same time.

After you have determined if you have enough space or not, then it is time for all predators that attack your chickens might think. If you live near the city, then you're not coming over so many predators such as foxes and possums, as seen in this country. The people in the Nearby is even a cat or a dog who likes to go for hens. So knowing this you can get some precautions such as digging deep into the wire mesh floor so that the predators do not dig under it.

Once the size as a Coop and is to be executed and you have taken any predators that attack , it is time to make your chicken runs and cooperatives. As I said in this very article, the Internet is such a powerful resource, you can probably Find out everything you need to know and chickens running about on the net.

I recommend a book to guide you through the entire process of building a Chicken Run and Coop will lead. According to one of these guides, you can not really go wrong because everything read in a simple fixed format with illustrations, etc.

These are just some pointers I have learned over my years of raising hens and building chicken coops and runs. For more information of what to do to make building your chicken coops as much fun as possible then drop by my site by clicking right here

MamieJulia Cartoon Chicken Ms. Casual Pants

MamieJulia Cartoon Chicken Ms. Casual Pants

This Short Pants Is Perfect For Summer Months. It Has A Wide But Not Overwhelming Large Pant Leg So It Flows Easily From Hit To Ankle….

MamieJulia Green Chicken Ms. Seven-point Running Loose Leggings Trousers Pants

MamieJulia Green Chicken Ms. Seven-point Running Loose Leggings Trousers Pants

This Short Pants Is Perfect For Summer Months. It Has A Wide But Not Overwhelming Large Pant Leg So It Flows Easily From Hit To Ankle….

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farmville chicken coop tricks

November 25th, 2010

free building chicken coops

November 22nd, 2010

free building chicken coops
Is there an odor Nys Law?

My neighbor has in recent years, "built a bit of a" court, as I do in court, he has cows and Pigs bound old cars and the trees, rabbits and chickens in the wild, and about a hundred or so rabbits in "houses" which, like a blind Male from build to look of old wood. It seems the animals are treated, rather inhuman and kill them in his driveway, but my biggest problem with this rag tag Attempt at a farm is the smell it leaves from, im not sure what he to do with excrement, but I can barely stand to be outdoors because of the terrible smell, I have something to get done about it, the legal way … Does anyone know of odor laws Nys or who I was able to speak, or that I could do,

Here you will find your answer in your local regulations. I guess you do not know not in Manhattan, but what you city animal control to Consult for your community and your town hall. It sounds absolutely terrible, so I'm down sure someone in a position closed to him.

Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan-8 Watt-W Roof Top Ventilator NEW!!

Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan-8 Watt-W Roof Top Ventilator NEW!!


NEW Rand 8 Watt Solar Attic Fan With this high quality attic fan, you will dramatically cut your cooling costs in the summer. Your attic can get hotter than 160 degrees in the summer. This heat works its way into your house, and makes it more difficult to cool it in the summer. With this attic fan, you can cool your attic temperatures by up to 50 degrees. In the spring and fall, you may not need a…

LOW-E Scrimless Foil Tape 3.0ft x 150ft ( 50 Yards ) Pipe Duct Wrap Tape

LOW-E Scrimless Foil Tape 3.0ft x 150ft ( 50 Yards ) Pipe Duct Wrap Tape


ESP Low-E® Simple Solution Foil Tape with Scrim-less 3″x 150′ 50 Yard Roll MADE IN THE USA Details: Whether a compliment to the Low-E Insulation SSR Line of products or used stand alone wherever needed, this Low-E SSR Foil Tape is a perfect product to have at your disposal. Unlike most foil tapes ours has a poly backing on pure aluminum to make it much easier to work with. This Scrim-less version…

Solar Attic Fan Roof Mount 20 Watt

Solar Attic Fan Roof Mount 20 Watt


If you ever go in the attic in the summer time you will realize that the temperature in the attic could exceed 160 degrees. Heat that is trapped in the attic directly effects your air conditioning and your electric bills. Solution is simple. Solar attic fan! It provides free solar energy to keep your house cool and attic ventilated. Also save money on electric bill by reducing the need to run air …

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chicken coop rabbit hutch

November 21st, 2010

chicken coop rabbit hutch

I believe Game shooting is acceptable and indeed necessary in today's modern Britain.
I will try to prove this in the following essay, by the Most popular anti-shooting arguments and answering them point by point.

Game birds released into the wild to die in large numbers unnecessarily and unnaturally:
Feathered game, in this case pheasants (as grouse shooting is entirely wild), are in the wild after being reared in outdoor pens released for several weeks. You are then given several months and weeks to acclimate themselves to the wild. The pheasants this walk on the streets, but so is virtually every other animal, particularly livestock (sheep / cows on the road). They live a free life, and are free to go out of the area at any time, because the only thing holding them back, and that they are able to keep, include the presence of game feeders. This game investors not only feed the local wildlife and songbirds, and a source of food throughout the year.

There is a high probability that many of the forests used in farming and the holding of pheasants would not exist today, as they would have returned to farmland, because they are unhealthy economy for agriculture. In fact, much of the British hedges would not exist today if it were not for game shooting. Those very same woods and hedgerows provide a huge increase in wildlife dwelling in nature.

Wild birds die in an unnatural and incredibly painful To:

Wild birds on almost all counts is a free life in which they mate freely around, eat, fly and walk on the earth, wherever they can please provide. And, perhaps once a year, they flew over a group of athletes, where more opportunities, untouched by gunfire as each cow is used for meat will have to escape the slaughterhouse. You have a better life to survive than any cow or chicken, and another chance. Even if they have the misfortune of opportunities, they often die as soon as they are shot, and when they shot and killed by an incompetent, which are often not allowed to fire shot, the necks are broken almost immediately when, on the Floor opened. Occasionally there are times when a pheasant hit by a shot clipping may be, and slide on the floor. These "runners" are then retrieved (but not killed) by a hunting dog and will be killed humanely.

Game shooting only serves to confuse the community, and does nothing to help them:
Per year, with 1.3 billion pounds of shooting to the UK economy. It helps a country with 1.3 billion pounds a year. This is not a figure to be despised. Game Shooting offers 70 000 full-time jobs per year, not counting the amount of part-time jobs, it offers teenagers and young adults.

Thanks to shooting, are two million hectares of active conservation efforts by the 250 million spent alone preserved in Britain. The equivalent of 2.7 million working days for the conservation of shooting made available and thus we have a much larger set of natural landscapes and habitats as well as a different method, in fact, a vessel in the old traditions (not necessarily shooting) and can continue down the generations passed.

Shooting has helped determine the game Menu, where it is often served in butcher shops and supermarkets across the country. It has been delivered in the first-class restaurants of London and became a famous chef been promoted (Michel Roux, Brian Turner, Antony Worrall Thompson and Anton Mosimann).

When game is shot, the birds retrieved almost all and in the Refrigerator for trailers. You are not thrown away or buried to rot. They are fairly around the shooter and the estate pantry and almost every one of them eaten is passed.

Gamebird chicks are reared in large numbers in confined areas:

Grouse chicks kept on the moor as completely in the wild, it is not applicable to them. Pheasant eggs are first hatched in large incubators and then moved, as like all the young chicks to an area where are the chicks around heat lamps and plentiful food. Chick aggression is not unusual, but usually heal, if, like chicks, the guards are published across the country, grown in breeding pens. Of course, some pet owners decide their own rear chicks, and this is obviously slower than the other method.

Finally, I believe Game shooting is acceptable and indeed necessary to put in today's Britain is another form of healthy Foods on the shelves (yes, it is proved, pheasant is an antidepressant!), And the game shooting is less cruel to wild birds to cows as a slaughterhouse.

another great article on Hunt click here

83'' Wooden Chicken Coop Cage Rabbit Hutch Backyard Nest Box Hen House BestPet

83” Wooden Chicken Coop Cage Rabbit Hutch Backyard Nest Box Hen House BestPet


This chicken coop is designed to not only house chickens but can be used for keeping roosters, rabbits, ducks, or other small animals. Its solid rainproof fir wood provides durability to keep your animals safe from most weather conditions. The cage also includes a nesting box that has an easy-access open/close roof top to allow you to easily give your animals food and water, clean their living are…

Pawhut 67 Farmhouse Wooden Chicken Coop with Display Top, Run Area and Nesting Box

Pawhut 67 Farmhouse Wooden Chicken Coop with Display Top, Run Area and Nesting Box


Give your backyard chickens a lovely space to call home with this coop, nesting box and backyard run in one. An inside and fenced outside area gives your chickens the ability to be choose where they want to be. A metal pull out drawer is designed for easy cleaning and the nesting box is perfect for chickens to lay eggs in. The sturdy wood construction offers enhanced durability while the treated w…

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farmville chicken coop dairy farm

November 21st, 2010

what kind of housing you give ducks on farm ville?

I have two ducks and I have no idea where to put it … 4 … Chickens go in such a Coop and Cows in a dairy farm going but where ducks are?

Unfortunately not. (I know, I wish all the animals a home, but you could Buy a lake and the ducks around him.

chicken coop designs

chicken coop nesting

November 19th, 2010

chicken coop nesting

It is true that a lot of people keep chickens for their business purposes, there are also some who devote their time, money and effort because it's basically a hobby. It's always nice to wake up in the morning and have fresh eggs waiting for you. Hens have the right amount of heat inside the coop, so you maximize egg Laying. One way an assurance that your chickens are year-round warm, a chicken coop by heating. I visited many forums and people can apparently disagree on whether it is necessary or not. Well, I think if you are tired of dealing with frozen eggs and frozen water dishes then a heater is for you but if you're in an area where there is always hot (like, where I live), then live the common sense that you do not need their own.

Some owners have Problems in more and more eggs during the winter. The truth is your chickens to lay more in the winter and live longer if you can provide the right heating element and I 'm talking about a chicken coop heater. If you have a small Coop, you may want to purchase a flat screen coop consider heating. If your main problem is the freezing of eggs is then opt for a small poultry nest box heating. It was simply that the nest box or the right, where the chickens sleep.

When housing are a huge number of chickens, you have a large chicken house heating, and to get or this could mean that you go out on a combination Lamps and flat panel heaters or other items that keep the chickens warm and cozy is not to mention water must be thawed. How does a flat screen Heating work? It radiates heat throughout the building and there will always be defrosted water. Do not worry, because it's not so expensive and the good news is it only 400 watts Performance and it has the ability to radiate much heat.

To read more information and to know if you need a chicken coop heater, feel free to stop by




6 pack of grey plastic nesting pads.  The plastic nest pads are designed with a slotted base as pictured, not only to allow air circulation but also to allow droppings to go through the nest pad. This greatly reduces the bacteria growth due to wet nest material. You will save a lot of time, labor, and money with plastic nest pads. There will be no more need for filling nests with shavings and o…

Triplex Nesting Box

Triplex Nesting Box


Our handcrafted Nesting Boxes are available in 5 sizes to suit each different type of poultry. The Triplex Nesting Box measures 36′ x 12′ x 12″….

Rugged Ranch Products DUPLEX Nesting Box for Chicken, 12 by 12 by 12-Inch

Rugged Ranch Products DUPLEX Nesting Box for Chicken, 12 by 12 by 12-Inch


Our handcrafted Nesting Boxes are available in 5 sizes to suit each different type of poultry. The Duplex Nesting Box measures 24′ x 12′ x 12″….

Nesting Hen Handle Chicken Coop Design Measuring Spoons - By Ganz

Nesting Hen Handle Chicken Coop Design Measuring Spoons – By Ganz


Bring some fun into the kitchen with this beautifully detailed set of Ganz measuring spoons. This is the perfect gift for almost any cook, bride, birthday or house warming. Each spoon has an exquisite detailed design on both the front and back. These spoons provide a unique combination of style and function. Manufactured from a sturdy zinc alloy. Each spoon handle is decorated with the unique desi…

Denim Chicken Egg Apron, 15 POCKETS! Men and Women Egg Gathering and Collecting Apron.

Denim Chicken Egg Apron, 15 POCKETS! Men and Women Egg Gathering and Collecting Apron.


A cute and durable chicken and duck egg collecting basket alternative. Keep two hands free while in your backyard and chicken coop!…

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chicken coops for sale virginia

November 17th, 2010

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living


Packed with step-by-step instructions, useful tips, time-honored wisdom, and both illustrations and photographs, this might just be the most comprehensive guide to back to basics living ever published. Fans of Back to Basics, Homesteading, and Self-Sufficiency have been asking for a one-stop resource for all the subjects covered in that successful series. In response, Gehring has compiled a massi…

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