Chicken Coop Designs – Four Essential Points to Consider!

February 6th, 2010

When you choose the best chicken coop designs for your feathered friends, it is important to keep a few important pointers in mind. This way, you can be assured that your chicken pen is suitable to serve the needs of your animals.

Now, the first thing to consider when making a chicken coop is ventilation. More than anything else, your chickens will need the proper ventilation in order to remain healthy. You can choose to use wire mesh, or chicken wire, in order to let the fresh air go in and out of the coop.

Next, you have to make sure also that your coop is made of sturdy materials. Make sure that the wood can withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating easily. Other animals and pests should also not be able to get inside easily and the wire mesh should be strong enough to prevent easily being chewed through.

When considering the right chicken coop designs, it is also important to include lighting inside. Not only will it provide illumination for you in case you need to check in on your chickens during the night, fluorescent bulbs will also provide heat to your chickens especially during cold nights or the winter season.

Lastly, the most important thing to consider when choosing a chicken coop is cleaning. It should be easy to clean and maintain since you will have to remove chicken waste out of the coop each time. You can add straw to make this task easier or you can choose a downward sloped floor.

If you are choosing chicken coop designs, you must not only consider the costs but also the quality. You should build one that is made of strong and robust materials so that you do not have to change them so often and will not cost so much when it comes to maintenance.

chicken coop designs

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